Kroger Specialty Patient Features and Benefits

At Kroger Specialty, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of our patients. To achieve this, we have designed our clinical programs with the goal of maximizing the benefits of your medication therapy.

Our clinical team has years of experience in specialty medications, side effect management and chronic disease education. As a patient of Kroger Specialty,  our promise to you is to proactively focus on providing you the information you need to educate yourself, not only your medications, but to also help manage your chronic illness.

Our clinical team will provide a personal consultation for you with your first medication delivery and schedule follow-up calls based on your individual preferences. Kroger Specialty is the next generation of pharmacy. A clinical pharmacy focusing on dispensing specialized medications while providing innovative patient therapy management programs.

Once enrolled with Kroger Specialty, you will have access to clinical experts, skilled in side effect and disease state management, coupled with programs to ensure compliance and adherence to maximize the benefits of your therapy.

Your Kroger Specialty Experience Includes:

  • Clinical Specialist - Available to assist you with managing your side effects
  • Insurance Coverage/Verification - Experienced benefits investigators to provide maximum value to you
  • Pharmacist Helpline - Direct, confidential access to  our pharmacists
  • Health Plans - Most major insurance plans accepted
  • Refill Reminder - We will contact you personally for delivery confirmation prior to every scheduled shipment
  • Patient’s Privacy - Your medication will be shipped to you in generic packaging, for discreet delivery
  • Shipping - Free delivery with expedited services available
  • Packaging - Personalized blister packaging to help you keep track of your daily doses
  • Prior Authorization - Prior Authorization and Patient Financial Assistance available for you

At Kroger Specialty, we are a full-service clinical pharmacy focused on providing options for medications used to treat most chronic illnesses.

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